Chop chop

Jeg skal vre rlig og si at det ikke er bare, bare med en liten en p vei midt i leilighetssalg og husjakt i en helt annen del av landet. Derfor var det helt ubeskrivelig deilig starte dagen hos Slve p Spagetti i dag. Det er kanskje ikke s lett se akkurat her, men hret har ikke bare blitt kortere, det er lysere ogs. Skikkelig vrhr med andre ord. N skal jeg sren meg blafre med hret resten av dagen!

Book time med Slve her.

I'll be honest and tell you guys that it's not easy with a little one on the way in the middle of selling our apartment and looking for houses in a whole other city. That's why it felt so damn nice to visit my hairdresser, Slve, today. Maybe it's not that easy to see, but my hair actually went both blonder and shorter. I love it! Now I'll throw my hair around the rest of the day.

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Then the better it is to enjoy a moment at the hairdresser like that :) Your hair looks gorgeous!

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you always look gorgeous good luck!!

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