The May list

Jeg har hoppet over et par lister, men n er den tilbake!

1. WEAR MORE EARTH COLOURS |So I guess most of us know a couple of shades that fit our skin tones extra well. For me that is earthy colours like beige and powdery pink. Still I end up wearing way to much black. This month I have got to start thinking about what actually suits me again.
I'm in love with the pierced earring trend going on right now and I'm dying to find a pair of golden beauties to welcome the spring with. Maybe one of these?
3. END THE PARKA SEARCH |This one is a lot more difficult than it sounds (trust me). Please let me know if you know of any, I want one so bad!
With all the stylish people all around the world wide web it's easy to get lost. Especially during spring and summer I think. I always look back at my outfits during hot days not knowing what I was thinking (it is kind of fun, though). So I'm definitely going to trust my gutt a bit more this spring!
I won't go all crazy, but I think it so cute with just a little black sticker or something on a pale pink nail. Never wear it myself, but I'm definitely going to try. Just need to get better on the patience thing, I always ruin my nails while waiting for them to dry. Found a few excellent tips on afterdrk though (check it out, I've already bookmarked it).
I was so in love with my Black Saffron scent from Byredo, but now I need something new. I think the pregnancy has made my nose all crazy. Any nice scents to recommend? PS! I'm a sucker for nice bottles too.
There's so many nice messy braids around, and I wan't them too. Check out my hair board on Pinterest to see more styles I'm going to practice this month.
8. MAKE MATERNITY OUTFITS EXCITING |So I've reached the point where I think it's really boring not to be able to wear anything I'd like. I see those gorgeous crop tops and pieces I can't wear instead of the opportunities. That has got to end!

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I love your list! Plus, it's super cute. I could use some of this advice as well. (: Looking forward to your future posts.

<3 Carsla

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Dear Sara,

I had the same problem in my pregnancy - as a perfume blogger it was hell? I have worn and loved ?Absolue pour le matin" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The bottle is beautiful and puristic, the cap is an homage to the rooftops in Paris, it's made of zinc. The perfume smells like fresh from the shower but very feminine and my little son loved it! Try it out, it's worth it.

Best, Lena

I would recommend my perfume which is Guerlain - La petite robe noire (if i spelled it right :D) Such a light and sophisticated scent. Also i really like Chanel-Coco Mademoiselle but might be a bit stronger scent for you, just check them out in some beauty store :)

I recently made a post about the top 5 things you should invest in and you can check it out if you are interested.


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