May wishes

1. DUNGAREES|I went all in on dungarees trend last spring, and I'm still not sick of it. However, I'm missing a black one in my closet and this one would be so cute with the baby belly.
2. BIG SHOPPER (SIMILAR HERE)|This shopper is all over the place these days and I think it's really nice. I would love a pretty bag with room for all the stuff I bring around during summer time. I'm talking towels, camera and all that stuff. Diapers too, in a while.
3. SANDALS|I don't think I'll be buying heels anytime soon, but these are so pretty.
4.CLEAR SUNGLASSES|I love clear plastic. Whether it's sunglasses, iPhone covers, tamagotchies or whatever.
5. BASIC T-SHIRT |This is the thing constantly missing from my closet. I don't know where my basics go. I ruin them in the washing machine (hopeless cleaner when it comes to clothes), get spots or holes on them.
6.PALE PINK LIPSTICK|I'm kind of tired of those very pink and red lips, so now I'm looking for a more discrete shade, like this one.
7.RINGS|Can't believe I've actually started to wear rings on a regular basis. Now I can't get enough!
8.GOLDEN WATCH (SIMILAR HERE) |This one is just perfect, and I am actually missing a watch with golden details.
9.BLACK NAIL POLISH|Just because my old one is empty.
10. PHONE COVER |I actually just ordered this one. Can't wait to get it!

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Gorgeous picks, I'm with you on every item haha. Beautiful bag that is!

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amazing picks!


cool picks!


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