Outfit | Trench and stripes

Photo/Guri Heli.

Wearing pumps and sweater fromZara, DIY jeans, trench coat from Selected Femme,sunglasses fromRay-Banand rings fromThe Hatters.

Er det noe jeg er avhengig av om dagen, s er det striper. Hver morgen tenker jeg at i dag m jeg ha p meg noe annet enn striper, men likevel ender jeg opp med g ut dren med striper til slutt. N har babybollen imidlertid begynt bli spass stor at denne genseren er i ferd med minne om en magetopp, s jeg tror jeg m p stripeshopping asap!

If there's something I'm addicted to these days, it's stripes. Every morning I try to wear something else for a change, but still I end up leaving the apartment in stripes after all. However, my baby bump is getting quite big, so this sweater is actually starting to remind me more of a crop top than anything else. I think I'll have to go stripe shopping asap!

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