Heels for the pregnant

Man skal jo tenke litt ekstra p fotty nr man brer et ekstra menneske p magen, s jeg skal nok ikke trippe rundt i disse hver dag. Likevel er det et perfekt alternativ nr man har lyst pynte seg litt, men ikke orker altfor hye hler. Jeg dro rett hjem bestilte dem etter at jeg s dem p Marie, og kunne ikke vrt mer fornyd. Hlen er jo ikke mer enn 5 cm!

You're supposed to be a bit careful when it comes to footwear while carrying around another person, so I won't be running around in these every day. Still it's the perfect alternative when you feel like dressing up a little, but can't take high heels. I went straight home to order them after seeing them on Marie, and I couldn't be happier. I mean, the heel is only 5 centimeters!

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I'm totally in love with these kitten heels!

Mafalda ❤




Herregud s ste! Love love love!


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