Tiny favourites

En leser tipset meg om legge smykkene mine ved siden av tannkosten eller ett eller annet som jeg bruker hver dag. Jeg glemmer nemlig ta de p meg. Og vet dere hva? Det funker! N har jeg p meg ringer hver dag, og favorittene er disse. Den rosa er fra Asos, og resten er fra The Hatters.

One of my readers said I should put my jewelry next to my toothbrush or something else that I use every day. You see, I forget to put it on. And you know what? It works! Now I'm wearing rings every day, and my favourites are these tiny ones. The pink one is from Asos, and the rest is from The Hatters.

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OMG...they are all super cute!

Det var lurt! Takk for tips:)

lskar The Hatters!

That's such a good tip, as I'm exactly the same. Really like the simple ones from The Hatters!


beautiful pieces!


I love tiny rings, although the really good ones are not that easy to find. The purple one is gorgeous..


S utrolig ste! Ringer er jo s fint. Jeg m ha boksen med forlovelsesringen rett ved tannbrsten, slik husker jeg den hver dag! Har aldri brukt ringer daglig fr s da m det slike tiltak til :)

absolutely pretty!

i love them


Oh I love tiny jewelry as well! These are beautiful.

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